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What is BlackBerry Expert Support Center?

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BlackBerry Expert Support Center provides a suite of self-service tools to help you manage your BlackBerry deployment and resolve issues easily. This valuable resource is available to BlackBerry enterprise customers as:

  • BlackBerry Expert Support Center - a one-stop-shop for BlackBerry Technical Support Services subscribers. As a BlackBerry Technical Support Services subscriber, you are automatically registered to access exclusive online self-service tools and resources, including the ability to manage your BlackBerry Technical Support agreement at any time.

    If you have enabled BlackBerry Business Cloud services for Microsoft Office 365 and have not received your temporary password, please enter your e-mail address and then click on "Forgot my password" to gain access. Please note that only the e-mail address of the individual that enabled BlackBerry Business Cloud Services on behalf of their company/organization will be able to retrieve their password.

  • BlackBerry Expert Support Center Express a limited version for BlackBerry Server solution customers and IT administrators without a support contract. Registered BlackBerry Expert Support Center Express customers receive access to a subset of tools and resources, and one complimentary support incident.

    If you are a BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express customer, you are already registered. Please refer to the "BlackBerry Purchase Information" email for your login details.

Complimentary Support

Register for BlackBerry Expert Support Center Express today to receive a complimentary support incident.

BlackBerry Expert Support Center Express gives you access to:

  • Expert advice from a member of the BlackBerry Technical Support team through your one complimentary support incident
  • Online self-service tools and resources to help you install and manage your BlackBerry solution
  • Relevant guides, articles and other resources to increase your BlackBerry solution know-how.

Sign up now to access BlackBerry Expert Support Center Express to ensure your complimentary support incident is ready when you need it.


BlackBerry Expert Support Center: For Answers You Need Now

Four reasons why you should register with the BlackBerry Expert Support Center:

  1. Enterprise Activation Readiness a self-diagnostic tool to see if a BlackBerry smartphone is ready to begin the Enterprise activation process
  2. BlackBerry Server Connection Status and other self-service tools for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and resolving issues
  3. Subscription Management where you can manage and leverage features and services of your BlackBerry Technical Support Services contract
  4. Expert advice with relevant guides, articles, webcasts and other resources.

The BlackBerry Expert Support Center provides two levels of secure online access to enterprise grade self-service tools and resources.

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